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Karen Gately – Director, Corporate Dojo

Karen Gately is a leadership and people-management specialist and a founder of Ryan Gately, now Corporate Dojo.  Karen works with leaders and HR teams to drive business results through the talent and energy of people. She is the author of The People Manager’s Toolkit (Wiley) and The Corporate Dojo: Driving extraordinary results through spirited people.

Karen is a regular contributor to the CEO magazine, AFR, news.com.au and Huffington Post and writes extensively for other well-regarded publications such as BRW, Company Director, HRD, Australian newspapers, Inside HR and Daily Telegraph. Karen has a weekly radio segment with Power FMSA and is regularly invited to share her insights for other broadcast media including Today Extra, Sky News Business, ABC Radio, The Luke and Susie Show, 2UE among others.

Belinda Jones – Business Manager, Corporate Dojo

Belinda has a Bachelor in Business and spent many years working in various financial roles here and in the UK. She has over 10 years management experience and an extensive, successful track record in developing back office capability for financial and professional firms. At Corporate Dojo Belinda manages all aspects of the business’ operations. She is a consummate systems and people manager, oversees and is hands-on with all client and internal projects. As the Manager of a dynamic growing business and EA to Karen, Belinda’s even temperament and ability to bring

Greg Campitelli – Enquiry Tracker, Melbourne 

Greg Campitelli is one of the most experienced marketing professionals in the Education system in Australia. He has spent over thirty-five years working across both the education, sport and not-for-profit sectors. Greg is the publisher of the The Catholic Schools Guide, widely acknowledged as the leading Guide to Catholic education in Australia. He is also Director of Campitelli Consultancy which provides marketing and philanthropy services for the not-for-profit, sport and education sectors. He is co-founder of Enquiry Tracker, a new software product developed exclusively for the education sector. Greg was a long serving teacher; Year 7 level coordinator and later Director of Development and Board member at one of Melbourne’s oldest colleges. Greg has worked closely with schools around Australia and has spoken at many National and International Conferences as well as running professional development seminars. 

Dr Jo Mitchell – Clinicial Psychologist, The Mind Room 

Dr Jo Mitchell is a registered and endorsed clinical psychologist (AHPRA) who works with individuals and organisations to enhance health, wellbeing and performance. She is co-founder and Director of The Mind Room, an innovative, community-focused psychology practice located in Melbourne, and a regular presenter on wellbeing science, burnout, stress management, finding meaning and achieving life goals. Jo is passionate about collaborations that make positive social change and consults to a range of organisations on strategic and creative projects that improve mental health and wellbeing. She is an inaugural Board member of Action for Happiness Australia, led the team behind digital resilience and wellbeing app MindMax with AFL Players Association, Movember and QUT, is science advisor for Band4Hope and wellbeing application manager for the online assessment tool Work On Wellbeing. 

Over his career, Stephen Scott has earned a reputation for fundamentally shifting leadership paradigms by expanding what people understand leadership to be, and empowering them to be extraordinary leaders. As the author of The 15 Disciplines, Steve has engaged thousands of people across multiple sectors with a single goal in mind: to be life changing for the people who attend and game changing for the organisations they work in. Whether he is Deputy Chief Instructor at the Royal Australian Air Force College, a senior executive in a fighter squadron, facilitating a program for a handful of people, or speaking to an audience of hundreds, Steve’s philosophy is the same; use The 15 Disciplines to take care of people and they will not only make you their leader, they will lead with you.

Debbie Mayo-Smith, C.S.P. 

Debbie is a very well known, in-demand speaker in Australia and New Zealand. A best-selling author of sixteen books, Debbie has sharpened the activity of over 1 million individuals around the world through her presentations, quick tip newsletters, articles, books and videos. You are going to love Debbie showing you how to make massive yet effortless gains in productivity; transforming any stress into empowerment. Debbie was actually named Ms Productivity by the media; and it’s not just for her work. She is also a mother of six children including twins and triplets! 

Samantha Holzberger – The 15 Disciplines

Samantha Holzberger is the Executive responsible for maximising Stephen Scott’s influence with The 15 Disciplines. To Sam, her role in this team of two is straightforward; manage everything within the business so that Steve’s time is maximised with their clients. This requires Sam to be continuously focused on strategy, decision making and planning. Her organisational skills enable her to effectively prioritise school Principals, Boards, Executive Teams and Sector Peak Bodies. Sam is also responsible for managing content development, program resourcing, website design and book editing. Sam and Steve have consciously broken the mould on the traditional team of two. She knows the true measure of her success is in maximising her influence within the business.

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