2019  National Conferences

“I like hearing from other Principals and how others organise their leadership teams in the Colleges. We are all so different and it seems to depend on the Principal how teams work.”

“Hearing from inspiring Principals and EAs, and getting the chance to talk about many things related to the job, with those who understand.”

“Geraldine and Tony are always highly energetic, and somehow manage to keep us on track! Thank you both for organising another fantastic event.”

2018 August Master Classes for Registrars on Best Practice and Managing Waiting Lists

Good Afternoon Geraldine

It was lovely to get to know yourself and Tony and thankyou once again for last Thursday and Friday. The content and the discussions were all extremely valuable and I have come back to my little place of work feeling much more equipped for the tasks ahead.

Hope to see you again in the future.

Claire McKenzie

Administration Officer

 Encounter Lutheran College

2018 EA National Conference

Hi Geraldine

I’ve completed the conference survey, but just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference.  Our school had the same Principal for 34 years and 3 years ago employed a new Principal from out of the area – it was invaluable listening to the different experiences of other schools (and all so similar).  I have returned to work invigorated and have written a report to our SLT with great ideas on how to improve our Admin Team – so far so good.  The venue was lovely and we were all very well catered to food/tea, coffee wise too.

I have also enrolled for the Best Practice Registrar Masterclasses, so I’m really hopeful they will go ahead.  Since returning from the E.A. Conference, part of my report to the SLT included the employment of an Enrolments Officer, as it is pretty much impossible to do both roles effectively.  It looks as though this will happen, but probably not until the new year, so it would be great to have attended the Masterclasses before I train a new person.

Thanks again


Karen Reid

Principal’s Executive Assistant – Wellesley College NZ

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to facilitate the group – I enjoyed it very much.  As my school is now relatively small at 345 students and was only 760 at largest, it’s an important time for me being able to attend the conference each year and meet with other Assistants.  It’s the professional highlight of the year!   Last year I was moved to an individual contract of employment.  I negotiated attendance at the P.A. Conference each year to be included in that contract. I have worked in the school long enough to know that professional development for Administration staff is one of the first things to go when there are budget constraints.
Thank you Geraldine for the work you do in organisation and planning of the P.A. Conference.  I am sure there isn’t anyone who attends who doesn’t return to their role inspired and encouraged.

Hello Geraldine

Thanks for last week, there have been several occasions today that I have said to myself – interruptions are part of the job.

Over the 2 days there were plenty of positive discussions and ideas.  I have returned to work on a high and hope to project this energy to others.

Thanks again

Marion Sarmas

Marion Sarmas
Personal Assistant to Business Manager
Our Lady of Mercy College
A Ministry of Mercy Education Ltd

Dear Geraldine,

I was a first time participant as I am new to my role.  I was very impressed with the manner in which the conference was run and there was much to reflect upon over the weekend.

I have completed the Survey.

The sessions were wonderful.  Only one other suggestion (which may or may not be possible)… For someone new to the role, I was looking forward to networking a little bit more and, although I very much enjoyed meeting and speaking with my interstate colleagues, I was on a table with only one Victorian.  Could there possibly be a session where people in the same area or State could be on the same table so we could make those connections with those a little closer to us?

Other than that, it was fantastic.

Many thanks, Geraldine.

Kind regards,

Sarah Hansen

Principal’s Office Padua College Victoria


Thank you Geraldine.  We are very excited about the 2018 National Conference. Since the 2017 conference, you inspired us to share our experience of the Conference with the other PA’s in our Diocese, encouraging them all to attend with us. We have also created a group where we meet once a Term when the Principals are at their meeting. I hosted the first one last week and we had two guest speakers as well as a chance for us to debrief with each other and help solve each other’s issues. It is great to now have that networking group and for us to realise we are not alone.

Megan, Toowoomba


Last year, with the demand for Independent Education increasing in New Zealand, King’s College found itself in a unique situation that had not occurred for some years. We needed to create a waiting list! Janus Consulting offered a Masterclass on this subject and the opportunity to network with a range of experienced, proactive and innovative Admissions personnel was invaluable. The class provided the framework and knowledge needed to formulate a strategy to clearly pave the way forward and put necessary systems in place. In short, we strategized and decided what worked, what didn’t work and what could work. I highly recommend this Masterclass to all, it is superbly organised, informative and one of the most beneficial I have attended.

Graeme Syms, Head of Admissions, King’s College, NZ


I would like to thank you and the team for providing a wonderful informative conference specific to our roles. Congratulations!  I found the networking during and afterwards very rewarding too.  It was refreshing to be in a group that were so relatable.

Once again I really enjoyed the conference and always get so much out of it.  I am already looking forward to next year!!

My first time at the PA/EA Conference and I so enjoyed it! Thank you for all the work you put into organising this great event. I have come back to work with many thoughts spinning around of ways to implement what was presented.  Thank you once again for a great event, wonderful food & venue and a fantastic opportunity to network. Much appreciated.

Good afternoon Team

Thank you so much for coming up with this great concept. I am amazed that we had so many PA’s in one room and I do not believe any of us would have a Role Statement the same. I have come away from my first conference with a renewed energy and also knowing I have the most amazing support network ever from this conference.  I also have a list of books or articles to read to enrich my learning for my role and to improve my skills.  I will be forever grateful to you all.


Thank you for another invigorating conference, and the opportunity to present in Melbourne. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I hope it lived up to the high professional standards that are synonymous with Janus Consulting Conferences.

Really enjoyed the discussion around legal ramifications.

Thanks again for another terrific conference. It is a shame that Andrea is moving on as she was always a wonderful presenter, but I am sure you will find another presenter just as witty and competent.  I look forward to any Master Classes that you have and next year’s conference.


Hi Geraldine – thanks for keeping us in the loop with the feedback.  Once again I really enjoyed the conference and always get so much out of it.  I am already looking forward to next year!!

Regards Amanda

Good afternoon Team

Thank you so much for coming up with this great concept. I am amazed that we had so many PA’s in one room and I do not believe any of us would have a Role Statement the same. I have come away from my first conference with a renewed energy and also knowing I have the most amazing support network ever from this conference.

I also have a list of books or articles to read to enrich my learning for my role and to improve my skills.

I will be forever grateful to you all.

Kind Regards  Megan

Hi Geraldine, Tony & Sue

My first time at the PA/EA Conference and I so enjoyed it! Thank you for all the work you put into organising this great event. I have come back to work with many thoughts spinning around of ways to implement what was presented.

Thank you once again for a great event, wonderful food & venue and a fantastic opportunity to network. Much appreciated.

Kind Regards  Robyn

Hi Geraldine
Many thanks for this list. I had a great day yesterday and was so saddened that we will not have the opportunity to enjoy Andrea’s wit and knowledge at future events. Such a great presenter.
Thank you for all the organisation that goes into this event. So appreciated.
Kind regards  Carmel

Dear Geraldine

I enjoyed yesterday immensely and appreciate all that you and Tony do for us.  I will be sad to see Andrea go, she is always so entertaining!

I hope to see you next year.

Kind regards Twigg


The day was excellent. The opportunity to share ideas, have open discussions and learn new ways to strengthen and tighten our procedures was a wonderful opportunity. The booklet has been invaluable as a reference when designing protocols and an Enrolment Charter.
Thanks Tony and Team

Kind Regards

Mrs Catherine Marvell | Director of Enrolments | PLC NSW


Thank-you so much for organising an amazing conference for Registrars. I met some wonderful colleagues and had many interesting conversations. The calibre of the presenters was incredibly high – I felt challenged and came away having reactivated my Instagram account (thanks Pauline!) and have a long ‘to implement’ list.  My only feedback would be that it would have been helpful to know who was coming to the conference either prior to or at the beginning of the conference.  Please do keep me on your contacts list, as when I can I will definitely be attending your future conferences. I found it really valuable.

With huge thanks and best wishes,

Kate Jones

Admissions Director, Diocesan School, New Zealand

The conference was absolutely wonderful and engaging from beginning to end. I have gained so much from attending and cannot thank you and your team enough for offering a conference with such relevant and inspiring content.

I look forward to meeting you all again in the future.

Lisa Cramer

Admissions Assistant

 Melbourne Grammar School

At our College Leadership Meeing, I will be giving a report on the conference and how valuable, totally relevant as well as inspiring it was.  Regardless of how experienced we are in our roles, your conferences and workshops always bring new and inspiring ideas, plus the opportunity to network with outstanding practitioners from all over Australia and New Zealand is fantastic.

Thank you once again for a brilliant conference.  I can’t wait for the next one!!!!!

With kind regards

Sue McCulloch | Enrolment Manager | Penrhos WA



Dear Geraldine, Tony and staff

I would like to thank you and congratulate you on a very inspiring, engaging and worthwhile conference.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity offered to me to meet other like-minded colleagues and hear their stories and employment journeys.

I thought the conference also offered me the opportunity of personal reflection and an opportunity to affirm that I was indeed on the right track in my workplace and what I am currently doing.

I have had ample opportunity today to answer many questions asked of me by my Principal and other work colleagues about the conference which has added to my experience and the positive outcome.

Until next time.


Susan Dodson




I am already doing the groundwork to ensure that I will be attending next year’s conference!  Congratulations on providing this opportunity for P.A.s in the education sector to participate in a high quality conference.

I would like to join those who have said what a fantastic experience was this conference. It is the first I have attended – thanks to recommendations from other PAs from other EREA schools – and I will certainly be doing my utmost to attend future conferences. My Principal is hiding from me because I have come back fired up with so many great ideas!

Thank you for another great conference.  I love the networking that goes with it, and the presentations are always informative.  My head is still spinning with ideas!

Thank you again for such a wonderful conference.  I have only had the pleasure of attending for the past two years.  Even though I have worked in my current role for the past 14 years, I was not aware of your conferences until last year.   Luckily for me, I am now aware and will try to attend each year.

Thank you for forwarding the presentation on.  It was great to hear from a fellow PA and how they ‘run’ their office. I would like to see similar sessions continue for future conferences.  Was a great session.  I have been talking to my Head of School about Cloud and on further investigation have come across a presentation with all the pros and cons to Cloud,  also discussed the QR on the back of his business card!

Thanks again to you and Tony for the superb conference last week. These are so worthwhile. It is truly special to be able to gather with so many others in similar roles. I can’t wait to tell Philip all the amazing stuff I learnt!!

On another note have set up a mini network with the girls on my table.


Any conference where I can take back several fresh ideas/approaches means my expectations were met.  Thank you Geraldine and Tony for the fine job you both do.  Keep up the great work!

The conference met my expectations.  Well run.  Would love to have heard more on social media best practice.

Very informative – fantastic venue.

Very interesting – always nice to hear other colleagues pass on their wisdom.

Regardless of anything else, the value of the networking can’t be understated.  From the conference last year, we have a group of 15 or so who catch up each term to network.

A very enjoyable 2 day conference, with wonderful presenters and lots of useful information.


  • Kotter’s 8 steps to implement change
  • The feedback/participation from other HR practitioners added to the learning experience
  • As a person new to HR, I found it very useful.  I am on an exponential learning curve and a day like this helps to steer me in the right direction
  • Perhaps more from industry-based best practice in this area
  • Excellent – so much easier to engage in discussion, conversation, etc. and not lose sequence
  • All excellent presenters
  • Perhaps longer sessions, with less speakers – more in depth
  • It was better than I anticipated – it led to me questioning and reflecting which is brilliant
  • Can we do this every second year or maybe in Sydney – please email us any upcoming programs for us to send delegates
  • More interaction with other group members to discuss organisational change examples
  • Round Tables and more workshop style and time


  • Administration of Summit was excellent.  Great to meet people from all over Australia and NZ.
  • Legal Pitfalls and Technologies Mix was great
  • Awesome to hear from peers. Powerful Technology – all fantastic, informative and entertaining
  • Great take-backs
  • More on social media
  • Relevant and well presented – time allowed for networking was superb
  • Would like to look at retention strategies – tech mix was excellent
  • More on legal
  • I found it all very useful with great tools to take home
  • Sometimes found the studio talk rambling
  • More time for discussion on areas of most interest

Geraldine Wilson

“Early in October 2005, Geraldine Wilson conducted the second day program of a two day professional development conference for office professionals…..  Geraldine’s topics included “Tools for Success” and “Working in Teams and Managing Projects”.  She engaged those present by interactive discussion to share experiences and collation of outcomes for a group overview.  We found these topics very relevant to our various roles and they linked well with topics on leadership and work/life balance which had been presented the previous day by another facilitator.  “Thanks Geraldine for a thought-provoking presentation.  We all have actions we want to put in place and many tips for our tool box following your session!”
Member of the PANG Network, Victoria, 2005

“Your sessions were a resounding success.  I am thrilled to hear comments from the staff that they now feel much more included in the Admin team.  Those attending really liked the topics – particularly liked the tool box, assertive approach to customer service, etc.  They felt you spoke with them, not to them and your inclusive style helped to get the message across.  I think they are also getting to know you better so are more relaxed to speak out during the sessions – something that will make the next sessions even better.”
Principal’s Assistant, Leading Independent School, Victoria, 2006

“Your recommendations have confirmed just about everything.  So, I am excited.  I am also a little ‘heavy in heart’ in that I have known for so long that this need has been there.  But I could not do a thing about it.  I have had to watch the deterioration of the team until the mountain eventually became a volcano and erupted.”
Secretary to Director, Brisbane, 2005

Over the last twelve months, Geraldine has:

  • conducted three networking lunches for Executive Assistants to CEOs in Melbourne, introducing three leading speakers
  • provided in-house small-session workshops for Victorian Government Departments
  • chaired and conducted National Round Table for Executive Assistants to Senior Management in large corporate companies and from the government sector
  • conducted master classes around Australia on Assertiveness
  • conducted a national seminar for Human Resources Managers in Independent Schools
  • conducted a national seminar for Registrars in Independent Schools

Geraldine as co-authored two books, “The Executive Assistant of the Future – An Ethical Guideline” and “Flexing Your Muscles – Benchmarking and Best Practice for Office Professionals” – available by contacting Geraldine on email – geraldinewilson@janusconsulting.com.au

Tony Conabere

“I congratulate you Tony on the masterful way in which you conducted yourself. Your control of the agenda, insightful introductions and perceptive comments contributed in no small measure to the success of the week’s activities…”
ASBA Conference Chairman in 2005

“I have enjoyed our meetings as much as ever. I always learn lots from the most difficult of issues. I prefer you being as candid as possible. You report was excellent as was the meeting called to consider it. I am looking forward now to your final version.”
Independent School Principal in 2005

“Tony, on behalf of Council, I wish to thank you for your thorough review and benchmarking exercise with four other independent schools… The expertise you have brought to our Council table has been drawn not only from your own APS days, but also as an APS parent, a coach, a Head and a Principal.”
Council President,
Melbourne IndependentSchool in 2006

“I very much appreciate your input. It has been interesting to see the similarities in perceptions from people like yourself who have a wealth of experience in diverse sectors of education.”
Educational consultant and media commentator in 2006

“I am impressed by the concept. In today’s schools, leaders need to be more than first-rate educationalists. They need to address the multitude of complex issues that confront those responsible for the day-to-day management of twenty-first century educational institutions.”
IndependentSchool Principal in 2004

“My Business Manager let me know what an exceptional job you had done presenting and chairing the recent conference.”
Vice-Principal of
Victorian Independent School in 2005

“The Janus Consulting Report provides an honest outline of the problems associated with the current work arrangements. It also provides a set of three solution options… Tony, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for the services you provided and for the way in which it was provided, and also to indicate that much of what you had recommended has been accepted by the Executive Director.”
Director, Schools Supervision & Equity, Brisbane.

“The Director gave me a copy of the recent report, which I have now read. What a fantastic job you have done – what I expected of course: completely spot-on and professional.”
Participant in Central Office restructure,
Brisbane, 2005

Over the last 12 months, Tony has completed:

  • Designed and co-conducted a National Seminar for Human Resource Managers in independent schools
  • Consulted with two leading independent schools, in Victoria and in Queensland, and liaised with Board Members and the Principals, providing experise and direction for strategic plans
  • Designed and co-conducted a National Seminar for Registrars in independent schools
  • Mentored indpendent school Principals

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