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Janus Consulting has been presenting national conferences for Australian and NZ Independent Schools since 2000.  We also provide in-house training for professional staff in schools.  Founded in 1998 by Geraldine Wilson and Mara Ulms, Janus Consulting has provided professional development to business support staff in the corporate, government and education sectors throughout Australia and in New Zealand.

We present national conferences annually for Executive Assistants/Personal Assistants in Independent Schools and for Directors of Enrolment/Registrars/Enrolment Professionals in Independent Schools.

Tony Conabere

Tony Conabere

B A (Melbourne), B Ed (Monash), M Admin (Monash), F.A.C.E.L.

Tony Conabere has had a long and outstanding career in education through many roles at Northcote and Melbourne High Schools, Wesley College and The Knox School as Teacher, House Master, Senior Teacher, Campus Head, Head of College and, until 2004, as Principal at The Knox School.

Geraldine Wilson

Geraldine Wilson


Prior to developing Janus Consulting, Geraldine Wilson managed the support staff of one of the ‘Big 4’ Chartered Accounting firms where she was responsible for the recruitment and induction, assessment and training, of office support staff. Geraldine is a Past President of the Victorian Division of the Australian Institute of Office Professionals, and a Fellow of the Institute.


Specialist in-house training services customised for office professionals in industry, local government and schools throughout Australia.

  • communication
  • time-management

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Educational consulting services to schools and educational leaders throughout Australia.

  • leadership
  • change management and strategic planning

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Specialist training programmes for independent school registrars in Australia.

  • establishing and servicing a critical path to achieve the projected enrolment
  • gathering quality demographic and performance data for management and marketing

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What others say about us

“I congratulate you Tony on the masterful way in which you conducted yourself. Your control of the agenda, insightful introductions and perceptive comments contributed in no small measure to the success of the week’s activities…”

It was lovely to get to know yourself and Tony and thankyou once again for last Thursday and Friday. The content and the discussions were all extremely valuable and I have come back to my little place of work feeling much more equipped for the tasks ahead.

Hope to see you again in the future.

I’ve completed the conference survey, but just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference.  Our school had the same Principal for 34 years and 3 years ago employed a new Principal from out of the area – it was invaluable listening to the different experiences of other schools (and all so similar).  I have returned to work invigorated and have written a report to our SLT with great ideas on how to improve our Admin Team – so far so good.  The venue was lovely and we were all very well catered to food/tea, coffee wise too.

I have also enrolled for the Best Practice Registrar Masterclasses, so I’m really hopeful they will go ahead.  Since returning from the E.A. Conference, part of my report to the SLT included the employment of an Enrolments Officer, as it is pretty much impossible to do both roles effectively.  It looks as though this will happen, but probably not until the new year, so it would be great to have attended the Masterclasses before I train a new person.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to facilitate the group – I enjoyed it very much.  As my school is now relatively small at 345 students and was only 760 at largest, it’s an important time for me being able to attend the conference each year and meet with other Assistants.  It’s the professional highlight of the year!   Last year I was moved to an individual contract of employment.  I negotiated attendance at the P.A. Conference each year to be included in that contract. I have worked in the school long enough to know that professional development for Administration staff is one of the first things to go when there are budget constraints.
Thank you Geraldine for the work you do in organisation and planning of the P.A. Conference.  I am sure there isn’t anyone who attends who doesn’t return to their role inspired and encouraged.

Thanks for last week, there have been several occasions today that I have said to myself – interruptions are part of the job.

Over the 2 days there were plenty of positive discussions and ideas.  I have returned to work on a high and hope to project this energy to others.

Thanks again

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